We produce a wide range of wines : white, rosé, red, dry, semi-dry, sweet wine and sparkling. Our volume is on average around 1400 hectolitres in the year, 80% of which is sold directly (individual consumers, wine merchants, and restaurants), 20% is sold for trade (mainly rosé wine). The volumes direct sales are divided into bottles (65,000/year), BIB (Bag In Box) and bulk.

The name of Domaine de la Tuffière characterises its terroir with a tufa subsoil and troglodyte cellars, where certain red wines mature in barrels.

Our wines are made in the traditional way with the support of new techniques (pneumatic pressing, temperature control, tangential filtration, ...) in order to optimise the quality of our wines. Some of the grapes are harvested by hand. This concerns the grapes for our Crémants de Loire and the Chenin grapes used to make our "Anjou Blanc" and our sweet wines, or even liqueur wines in very good years.

Our wines are often nominated in various competitions (Concours Général de Paris, Salon des Vins de Loire, Guide Hachette, Concours Interloire, …).

To consult the price list of our wines, please contact us. (As an indication, the prices of our wines by the bottle vary from 4.90 to 12.00 euros, direct sales.)