IGP Val de Loire Sauvignon As'Tuff

  • Type of wine :

Sweet white wine, 100% sauvignon blanc

  • Vinification :
A manual harvest of overripe Sauvignon Blanc grapes is used to develop this original cuvee (usually, in our region, the Sauvignon Blanc is harvested earlier to make aromatic dry white wine). Fermentation take place slowly in oak barrels, then is stopped to obtain a nice balance between sweetness and aromatic freshness. 
  • Tasting :

Eye : Beautiful sparkling straw yellow colour.

Nose : Clear nose with aromas of white flowers and exotic fruits (lychee, passion fruit).

Palate : It reflects the tenderness and beautiful aromatic freshness of the fragrance.


  • Food and wine pairing :

At 8-10°C, this sweet wine, rich in aromas, will be appreciated as an aperitif, accompanied by foie gras or with a dessert of white fruits (peach, apricot, …).